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Josh Gordon Wants To Make A Name For Himself At Leicester City

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Leicester City’s newest recruit from the non-league game says he wants to try and make his own name for the Premier League champions.

Josh Gordon joined the Foxes from Northern Premier League side Stafford Rangers at the beginning of the month and has been compared to Jamie Vardy who went from Fleetwood Town to being Premier League Champion.

Now he wants to make a success of himself in the Premier League. The former Newcastle Town man said: “I’ve a lot of comparison to Jamie Vardy, especially in the papers. “I’m at Leicester City to make my own career and my own name.

“But it’s nice to be at a club where someone who has been in non-league football has made it so high up in winning the Premier League and playing for England.

“So it’s good to be compared to him but I’m own trying to do my own thing.”

The Stoke-on-Trent man started his career as a youngster with Stoke City and was a part of their academy for nearly a decade before heading out to Ayr United and then Peterborough United before working his way to Newcastle Town and then Nantwich Town before joining the Rangers.

He is delighted to have spent time in the non-league game.

Gordon said: “It’s good that I’ve experience in Non-league football and what that is all about. “I feel I’ve done it the right way and I’ve also had experience at a professional academy and now I’m bringing what I’ve learnt into my development.

He went on to say: “You see it a lot with players who don’t make it at a football club they come straight into non-league. “It’s a great experience for them and during my time at Stafford Rangers we had a few players come in on loan from the likes of Port Vale.

“It’s great learning curve for players playing in the non-league game. It’s been a great season to be noticed if you are a non-league footballer with a good number making the move to Premier League.

The forward is delighted to see the non-league game finally get noticed. He said: “There are a few of us who have made the move up to the Football League and even the Premier League.

“I’ve gone to Leicester, Cohen (Bramall) has gone to Arsenal, Dan Scarr (Stourbridge) to Birmingham City. “So it shows that the game is getting more attention than ever before and hopefully we will see more players making the move. “ It’s good because we are getting the recognition we deserve.”

Gordon played his first game for the East Midlands side last Monday as he was part of the under 23’s side that faced Manchester United.

He was proud to make his debut for the club against the Red Devils, a game which was shown live on MUTV, the Manchester United official television station.

“I’ve played a couple of games before that but that was before it was announced that I had joined the club. But it was a good game against Manchester United.

“I had a couple of chances and one cleared off the line. But it feels like I’m comfortable now being at the club and hopefully next season I can get into that first team.

“To play against a club like Manchester United is great as they are a big club and have some great players. But Leicester City is a great club, they’re premier league champions at the end of the day. “But I think you have got respect, anyone, you are playing against at whatever level.”

Last Saturday Stafford Rangers waved farewell to the man who scored 11 goals in 25 appearances at Marston Road as he returned for their game against Corby Town.

But it won’t be his last time he steps into the ground as Craig Shakespeare’s side has agreed to send a side down in pre-season.

He said: “I’ve been told there is a game so I will be here for that I assume. “But it’s good that Stafford has got something out of it because they have helped me to get to this platform and point in my career.”


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