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Leagues Looking To Obtain Season Extension

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With time running out thanks to the unpredictable weather over Christmas and Easter, the Total Motion Midland League has granted an extra week for its clubs to play out the remainder of games it has this season.

Pressure was mounting on the league to act with less a month left to go under the old deadline, leaving some teams with as many as sixteen games to play before the end of April.

The football body have now decided that the 7th May will be the new date that all seventy-six clubs must have played all of their games by.

The Macron Store Southern Combination League have been granted a season ’emergency extension’ by the Football Association. Sides across the county have been hit by the bad weather since the turn of the year and more than 350 SCFL matches have been postponed this season already.

After applying to the FA, both SCL Premier Division and Division One campaign completion dates have been extended by a week.

The Premier Division was due to finish on April 28th but will now end on May 5th.

A week extension has also been granted in Division 1, where originally all fixtures had to be completed by April 21st but a week extension has been added.

The Ebac Northern League has also made an application to extend the current deadline of May 5th by which matches must be played.

League secretary Kevin Hewitt said: “Due to the long spell of bad weather there is an unprecedented backlog of fixtures faced by several clubs in the league.

“We have written to the FA asking them to extend the deadline by a week.

“First and foremost, we are concerned about the impact on players of playing several games in quick succession. Professional players are not expected to play so many games in such a short period and we believe it is not fair to expect our players to do so.

“The backlog means extra work for the committees, volunteers and ground staff who are already doing such a fantastic job to make sure games go ahead.

“So many games can cause long-term damage to pitches. Spectators are also being asked to pay to watch three or four games within ten days, which we believe is unreasonable.”

Several other leagues in the non-League system will also be applying for an extension to the season and it is hoped that the FA’s National Leagues Committee will consider requests when it next meets on April 10th.


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