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Worcester City: We Don’t Support Ground Appeal

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Worcester City have confirmed they do not support an appeal over the council’s refusal to build a new stadium.

There was no backing for the plan to house the club at Perdiswell, it was announced last month at a meeting.

This afternoon, the Midland League club have released a long statement clarifying their position.

“In light of the recent planning refusal for Perdiswell the club wishes to make its position clear to fans and supporters who have been asking whether we will mount an appeal against the decision,” it read.

“The appeal process as confirmed by the Chairman of the Supporters Trust, David Wood must be lodged within 6 months of the hearing decision and could potentially take a further 6 months to go before an Independent Enquiry.

“The appeal should be totally impartial and unrelated to the Politics that continually surround this planning issue. The costs for such an appeal could be well in excess of £50,000 requiring a Planning Barrister to take the process to its conclusion without any guarantee of success or reimbursement of fees, in the unlikely event that the appeal is determined in favour.

“In view of the more important issue of the lack of confirmation concerning the Land Transfer Issue and the resistance by Councillors to grant Planning let alone gift the land to the Club, the Directors of Worcester City Football Club have concluded that it would not be viable to pursue an expensive appeal with no certainty of gaining the land to actually build such a facility that is beyond the Clubs current requirements and budget.

“In the meantime club has continued to work with the Worcestershire FA and Worcester City Council to identify other sites in the City and have identified a plot of land owned by the Council at Parsonage Way ( adjacent to J6 on the M5 ) which they believe to be deliverable. These discussions have been ongoing for many months and now in an attempt to move this site to the top of the list and make it the new home for Worcester City Football Club.

“The Supporters Trust have been advised many times that the Land at Perdiswell is not on the table to build a stadium for the Football Club but that Parsonage Way has been confirmed by the City Council to pursue and we can only hope that as a Board the Supporters Trust will now back the Parsonage Way opportunity and work with the Club to make that site happen.

“The club’s view therefore is that if the Trust insist on carrying on with their Appeal they will be doing so without the backing of the club.”



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