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Heat Maps And Tracking Stats: Think GPS Tech Is Just For The Pro’s? Think Again.

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You might have considered it only available to clubs at the top of the football pyramid, but thanks to ingenious tech like PlayerTek, football wearables and GPS tracking can be used for in-depth statistical analysis at any level of the game.

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Innovative technology is now appealing to a broader spectrum of skill level, as teams are already using it outside of league football, making better, stats-based decisions to give their team the edge over competitors.

What is PlayerTek?

Worn on the upper back and inspired by the professional’s lightweight, fitted garment, the PlayerTek pod contains an advanced GPS and a series of smart sensors that wirelessly sync data to an iOS app on the user’s mobile device.

In a first for football wearables, the PlayerTek device will determine who owns the bragging rights between teammates. Through joining a league within the app, PlayerTek enables you to compare stats such as sprint speed and distance covered to discover who really has the wheels in the team. You can even join the world league to see how you compare to the very best PlayerTek users on the planet. 

PlayerTek for both players and coaches

PlayerTek’s innovative technology enables players to leave their mark on the pitch with its heat map system, so you can see whose positional play is best.

You can check who is really putting the effort in on match day with PlayerTek’s distance covered tracker. Show your team their stats and demonstrate how they can make those darting runs even more penetrating.

Are you a Harry Kane or a David Luiz? Compare your stats to the Premier League stars to see how you match up – what percentage of a pro footballer are you, based on your performance?

PlayerTek will also allow the players and coach to compare their team’s performance across the length of the season, as well as looking closely at individual games. It’s important to set goals and targets for your team, and PlayerTek makes it easy by giving you options to define benchmarks based on previous games and training sessions, motivating your players to do better.

Professional performance analysis at all levels of football

Collecting and using data at the highest level of the game has been very important for a number of years. But now, thanks to PlayerTek, this technology can be accessed by everyone, with real-time data on player performance leading to better tactical decisions. Identifying areas of development so players can progress at faster rates, alongside reducing injury risks, PlayerTek’s innovative technology is transforming the entire football industry, no matter what skill level.

Take a look at PlayerTek’s GPS device here.


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