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Hunt Has No Regrets

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David Hunt has no regrets about throwing in the towel on professional football to join Vanarama National League South club Margate.

The former Northampton Town, Crawley Town and Brentford midfielder revealed he now enjoys a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle playing part-time football.

He said: “From a very young age, all I knew was football. I signed for Crystal Palace when I was eight years old, and my life was football 24/7.

“That was it. There was no substitute and no other outlet, which was part of the problem.

“At some point, you have to get a reality check, and for me it’s when I left Oxford United. Until then, all I’d known was football, but then it was crunch-time: do I sign for another Football League club, or to I look to broaden my horizon.

“I believe everyone needs to find what their ‘why’ is in life. And while the expectation for me to continue to play professional football was huge, it was no longer my desire, and no longer healthy.

“As contrived as it sounds, leaving United to eventually join Margate was probably the best move I ever made in my career.

“It’s a great club, with a loyal fanbase, and I have a better lifestyle now playing part-time football and building my own marketing and distribution business than I ever did as a professional footballer.

“I consider myself lucky, insofar that I have a great family and peer group, where I was able to seize the initiative and get a kick out of a more healthy alternative.”

Whereas for some, lifting the FA Cup or League Cup is the ultimate dream, Hunt’s focus rests on winning the National League South as well as a different type of cup, and one that largely requires a coffee sachet, water and positive thought.

Since joining Margate in the summer, Hunt has collaborated with former Premier League goalkeeper Richard Lee to set up the `Bean Team` – a UK-based multi-level marketing distribution group – that, in part, sets to move the treadmill to one side for an array of professional footballers.

And while some may find the change tough to tackle at first, Hunt’s mission is to make more footballers wake up and smell the coffee, and see a life beyond the traditional terraces and enjoy a healthier and rewarding lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the turnstiles.

“I’ve always been a staunch believer that you should always follow your dream and be the best that you can be. I still believe that to be the best advice anyone can give you,” said Hunt.

“Make no mistake, I came to Margate to win, and I wholeheartedly believe that the squad that Nikki Bull and Terry Brown have collectively built between them this season has the potential to gain promotion.

“We just need to believe it and realise our potential.

“When I look back 12 months from now, if someone had said to me that playing for Margate would change my life for the better, I would have probably looked the other way.

“In truth though, my reality check really has paid dividends.

“I feel truly honoured to wear the captain’s armband for Margate, so I would encourage anyone to look beyond the glass ceiling.”


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